Subscription: pricing and policy

By purchasing the subscription you will get the extended limit for the data upload from your Bitrix24 portal. The limit consists of the tables record quantity. The free version limit is 2 000 records. The extended limit you will get in the subscription is 100 000.

The limit includes every table except reference tables.

After purchasing the subscription you will get the 100 000 record limit which can be upgraded to any value, + 100 000 records per each upgrade step. 

The price of each 100 000 records is $19/month.

When purchasing just a subscription for the application (12 months or more), a 20% discount is provided

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How do I  know what limit suits my needs? 

1. Open the Power BI Integration application on your Bitrix24 portal and go to the Download settings tab. Check the settings you need, set the date filters if necessary

2. Make sure that Notifications are enabled

3. If there is any cache clear it using the button at the bottom part of the page. Reload the page to make sure that there is no cache left. If everything is fine, the bottom part of the page will not have the cache button anymore:

4. Open Power BI (either desktop or web, every option is fine, but make sure that you are using correct token from your portal and your account). Refresh the data. 

5. After this open notifications in Bitrix24 and sum all second numbers (red circle).

6. Round up the quantity to the nearest hundred thousand. For example, if you have  238 578, that means you need a limit to 300 000.

How does limit work? 

Let's say you have a 200 000 record limit. You refreshed data at Microsoft Power BI.
The 100 000 deals were uploaded. After that 110 000 calls were uploaded.

In this case the limit is considered to be increased by 10,000 records. The calls table would be uploaded not completely, you will get the first 100 000 records only. The rest tables will be downloaded as if you have a free version of application (2000 records each).

If the entire download was completed without exceeding the limit, you will download all the data from the portal.

You will receive notifications on your portal with detailed information about the amount of downloaded data no matter whether you did exceeded the limit or not.