Downloading data from Lists

1. Open Power BI Integration application and go to Download Settings tab. Check the Load Lists box, pick the lists you need and copy a key in front of each list you picked. Click Save button.

If you see the Reset Cache button, make sure you clicked it and removed all cache, or your downloading process will stuck, and you will see the "eternal download".

(Clearing the cache is mandatory if you have already downloaded data from the picked lists before, and any new data has appeared since.) 

2. Run Power BI Desktop, click Transform data

3. Click New Source and pick Blank Query

4. Type the following query and insert the key you copied on step 1. Click Enter on your keyboard or click on the check  mark near the query field.

(You need to create an individual query for each list you need and copy their own individual keys from the Download Settings tab in the application (step 1))

5. Click To Table

6. Click Оk in the window that appears

7. Click the button with two arrows

8. Click Load more in the window that appears and remove the Use original column name as prefix box.  Click Оk

9. If your List has fields which are multiple, follow the instruction below. 

Multiple fields will have the button with two arrows, click it and expand each required column either to new rows or through a separator.

10. If the column has a link to the CRM item (lead, contact, company or deal), it's values will be separated to clients (lead, contact, company ) or deals.

11.Rename the query for the convenience

Set up relationship between the new model and other, if it is necessary (for example if the list has links to employees or CRM items).

Done and done! Now you can use data from you Lists in your Power BI reports!