PowerBi Integration: how to enable publishing reports online

You can share your reports online. You need to make following preparations:

  1. Confirm your access rights to your company's web domain
  2. Allow sharing to any of your employees who provided email with your company's web domain during the registration. This permission can be set one time per domain. 

For example if you allowed these settings for the account "pochta@kompaniya.ru", any employee who registered their accounts using the  domain "kompaniya.ru" will have an opportunity to share reports

How to confirm your access rights to web domain

You'll need an access to the website hosting. Usually this access have system administrators.

1. Create a Power Bi account

It's better to choose the common email, used for the various software registrations in your company than employee's personal email.

2. Open the web-version of Power BI and go the top left menu.

3. Set the administrator for your domain.

4. Copy the contains from the  "TXT Value" field.

5. Open your hosting provider's profile, go to the domain record settings, add anew record and paste the string you copied at step 4.   

 Добавить текст из Power BI в кабинет хостинга

The processing may take several minutes. You may have an error at the admin's page at Power Bi for that time:

Ошибка в Power BI

Please wait 5-10 minutes and refresh the page. The result should look like this:

Права на домен подтверждены

How to allow report publishing

1. Open the top left menu:

Переход в меню

2. Pick  Power BI from the applications list:

Выбор Power BI

3. Open the Admin portal at the settings:

Портал администрирования

4. Open "Tenant settings" and pick "Publish to web":

Опубликовать в интернете

5. Pick "Allow existing and new codes" and click "Apply":

Разрешить публикацию

Every Power Bi users at your domain will have the access to publishing reports online:

Публикация в меню