PowerBi Integration: how to use a report without PowerBi Desktop

If you have Mac OS or there is any other reason preventing you from installing PowerBi Desktop, you still can use our PowerBi template online.

1. Download the .pbix file from the PowerBi application installed on your Bitrix24 portal ("My report" tab). 

2. Open the online version of PowerBi https://app.powerbi.com/home  click "My workspace" ->Create -> Dataset

3. Click "Get" button on the Files block and pick a .pbix file you downloaded on the step 1.

4. Click on the dataset from your .pbix file you just downloaded at your workspace. Click the "...", then click "settings" at the menu.

5. Insert your token at the settings menu and click "Apply". You can find your token at the PowerBI Integration application at your Bitrix24 portal, at the "My report" tab.

6. Return to your workspace, find the downloaded dataset and click the refresh icon to transfer your data from Bitrix24 to PowerBi.

7. When the transfering process will be finished your data appear at the new report.

You can change the templates and create new pages.