PowerBI Integration: user guide

See the online demo report here.

How to connect your Bitrix24 with PowerBI report - Instruction

1. Download the latest version of the PowerBI template from the application instaled on your Bitrix24 portal.

2. Download Power BI Desktop byMicrosoft from the official website here 

3. Click "Open the application Microsoft Store" at the pop-up that appears

4. Click the "Install" button to install Power BI Desktop on your PC

5. Click  "No, thanks" if the pop-up Access to other devices  appears. 

6. Wait untill downloading process is finished.

7. Click the  "Launch" button.

8. Click "Open other reports" at the start window and open the template you downloaded on step 1 of this instruction.

9. Click "Edit parameters" in the Transform Data menu

10. Insert token from the Bitrix24 application to the "Token" field in the PowerBI Desktop.

Make sure your server address is https://powerbi.it-solution.ru/ in this same pop-up. Click   "Load" button to start the transfering data from your portal to PowerBi.

12. Wait until the transfering process will finish. You'll get a reports built with data from CRM after that. 

When the downloading process is complete, the data will be saved to the cache. Cache lasts for 2 hours. You can check if there is any cache in the Power BI Integration application by looking at the bottom part of the Download Settings tab.

If you have any recent cache (it was less than 2 hours after the last data refresh with your token) and you want to upload new data from Bitrix24, please, clear the cache  and refresh data after that.

How to use the reports. The Instruction 

Use the "Refresh" button at the "Home" tab to update the data.

Click left mouse button to any record on the diagram to filter your data by it.

Right click on any record and select "Show data point as a table" to see details. Click "Back to report" to return back.

Right click to any record and select "Show as a table" to see every record in the included rows of the current report.

Click "Back to report" to return back.

Right click to any record at the reports by date and select "Drill down" to navigate between days, months or years.

Use these buttons to navigate between the dates

Hold Ctrl button and click on different records to select it together and filter the reports. You can select even records from different reports.

Demo report includes data only from last 500 CRM entities of each type.