How to gather logs into Telegram chat

Monitor application logs with your smartphone!

You will need:

  • Telegram app (if you are working from Desktop, there is the Desktop one, as well as mobile one)
  • Power BI Integration application, уinstalled on your Bitrix24 portal
  • to have an administrator role on your Bitrix24 portal 

Open the Power BI Integration app in your portal as an admin user.  The administrator will see the "Link Telegram chat" button at the top of the application

Click on this button to open the popup, from where you can go to Telegram

Click the Open Telegram Desktop button (you will be redirected to the Desktop Telegram app) and select the chat where you want to collect logs 

The Telegram chat bot @powerbi_integration_bot will be added to the selected chat. This bot will collect logs.

You can also manually add this @powerbi_integration_bot to the chat you need.

After adding the bot to the chat, you will receive a message that the chat is connected:

When the bot was successfully added to the chat, an explanation will appear inside the application on your portal (visible to the administrator), that the Telegram bot has been connected.

By clicking on this text, you will send a message to the connected chat, and you can quickly find it in the Telegram chat list.

Done and done! Now the selected chat will collect logs about what is happening in the application, for example, data uploads, errors, and so on.